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Using Encrypted PayPal Buttons (EWP) and IPN

If you want to accept PayPal payments on your site you have a variety of options. What I consider to be the ideal solution is a pairing of their IPN service with encrypted buttons. This allows your customers/clients to pay you securely without having to host an SSL cert on your site. Using encrypted buttons we can dynamically generate the amount values without having to worry about them being tampered with. Sure you could always verify the amount later, but why bother when there’s an easily solution around that, plus who really needs the hassle? This guide will walk you step-by-step from the question of “how?” to setting up a sophisticated payment solution.

A Crash Course in Cryptography Part I – A History of Cryptography

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series A Crash Course in Cryptography

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to A Crash Course in Cryptography. The words of importance here are “A Crash Course”. This will not be a terribly advanced course, it’s designed to introduce people to some of the concepts and methodologies used in Cryptography. There will be some technical talk but mostly the conversation will be focused at the conceptual aspects. Today’s class specifically will be aimed at getting people familiar with terms used in cryptography. We will also be explaining why cryptography is important both now and in the past.