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The Power of 802.11

The goal of this paper is to educate the reader on the power of 802.11 wireless LANs. The power to which I refer is literal power, measured in wattage. This paper will guide you through understanding how that power is expressed and explain decibel mathematics. You will learn how to add power or “gain” either passively or actively as well as how power can be lost. The various types of antennae available and their uses will be also addressed. Lastly, we will close by discussing FCC regulations governing the maximum EIRP (a term you will learn through reading) and the special requirement imposed by the IEEE.

Establishing long distance 802.11 links

My original title for this paper was “Quantum Electrodynamics, diffraction, the Huygens-Fresnel Principle, earth bulge and their effects on the Fresnel Zone,” but I thought that was a bit much. Plus I was afraid it might scare some people away. This paper does assume some RF competence on the part of the reader, and at least a basic understanding of algebra. As my original title indicates the actual scope of this article is much more refined than the revised title would lead one to believe. I will not be discussing the finer points of establishing long distance connections from start to finish. This paper’s main focus is on the Fresnel Zone (Pronounced Fra-nel btw).

The Joy of Mounting

The topic of mounting is a broad one. An individual need only look at the mount(8) man pages, one of the largest tomes accessible via man rivaling even ps. (more…)

Cron: Making Computers Work For You

So, you want to make your computer start doing stuff for you with out even having to ask? We all know the myth that computers were created to preform the menial tasks humans would get bored with. The problems is they often *create* more than they solve. How often have you had to do something and though, “If only the computer would just take care of this for me every Sunday.”